Event, How To Get Your Name In The Media Wed Feb 26 2020
How To Get Your Name In The Media

2/26/2020 - 2/26/2020

"This is a HALF day course where journalist Fiona Scott of Fiona Scott Media Consultancy Ltd will help you understand what good PR looks like and will work with you - in small groups - to create a compelling story relevant to your story & business. I ...
Event, You Want To Write A Book? Wed Jan 22 2020
You want to write a book?

1/22/2020 - 1/22/2020

"This is a workshop focussing on getting you started writing your book. It is aimed at people who have either started to write and got stuck, or want to write but haven't yet started, and maybe even unsure as to what they want to write." ...
Charity, Swindon Night Shelter Sun Dec 01 2019
Swindon Night Shelter
"Swindon Night Shelter is a Christian charity umbrella organisation that helps the homeless, rough sleepers and the vulnerably housed through several projects across the town." ...
Book, Swindon In 50 Buildings Sun Jul 15 2018
Swindon in 50 Buildings
"Old Swindon aside, Swindon is largely a creation of the nineteenth century, built around the Great Western Railway’s Works. Yet it has over 600 listed buildings, some of them more recent than you might imagine, not to mention scheduled monuments and ...


Event, Swindon Down's Syndrome Group Charity Ball 2020 Sat Jul 04 2020
Swindon Down's Syndrome Group Charity Ball 2020

7/4/2020 - 7/4/2020

"Join us for a night of greatness as we host our Greatest Showman theme charity ball at the Hilton Hotel in Swindon. " ...

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